Anna M (Michel Spinosa, 2007)

Anna M
This opens with a young, pretty archivist, Anna (Isabelle Carré) taking her dog for a walk, tying the dog to a tree and stepping out in front of a car.

Waking in hospital, she has been treated for her leg injuries but it seems that no one has realised this was a suicide attempt. Very quickly, she becomes obsessed with her kindly surgeon, André Zanevsky (Gilbert Melki) and begins to stalk him.

There is a wonderfully creepy atmosphere built as I didn’t know who to feel more scared for, the clearly unwell and delusional Anna or the well meaning but out of his depth Dr Zanevsky, and this felt like it was a realistic depiction of obsessional behaviour (whether it was or not, I really don’t know). About halfway through the film, Anna’s behaviour became more overtly sinister but this, oddly, made the film less scary as it started to look more like a more traditional ‘Hollywood-ised’ stalker film. Thinking I knew where it was going, I disengaged with the film and prepared for the routine build up to a violent and bloody confrontation.

It didn’t go there. It completely surprised me and went somewhere much more interesting instead, and ended with one of the most intriguing ambiguous endings I’ve seen for a while. It also played out the final scene with a beautiful musical track I had to immediately look up and buy (Stay Golden, by Au Revoir Simone.


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