The Heat (Paul Feig, 2013)

The Heat
Although I enjoyed each of the recent films I saw I have to admit, when I come to write them up, that I am getting a little tired of the saminess of so many of them. So many competent films having so few surprises.

So, to this, a buddy-cop movie with the ‘twist’ being that the buddies are female. There is a horrible sexism pretty obviously in play when the gender of the leads (but only when they’re female) becomes the USP.

Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a hyper-competent, hyper-confident but obsessive-compulsive and relationship-free FBI officer who, to break a drugs ring, is sent to Boston where she encounters, and is forced to work with, the slobby Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy). Mullins knows the streets but is a maverick (sigh!) cop who gets things done (ditto) and Ashburn discovers from Mullins the value of family, of friendship and of getting drunk.

If I seem really down on this film, I’m probably misrepresenting it. I did enjoy it, mostly, though some scenes were too stupidly broad for my taste and coarsened the overall tone – perhaps not surprising when the poster blazes that it’s from the director of Bridesmaids, another film with some overly broad brushstrokes spoiling the overall canvass somewhat. It’s just that, oestrogen aside, there was nothing new to see.


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