Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón, 2013)

Advance rave reviews can spoil a film, but not nearly as much as active 3d glasses with a flat battery. Not my experience but…

When even noted 3D-hater Mark Kermode says to watch this film in 3D, it really does seem worthwhile making the effort of seeing it at a 3D projection at the cinema, rather than waiting for a DVD release. And the special effects were indeed pretty damn impressive. As debris flew towards us, I flinched, several times, something that the gimmicky lobbing of spears or things exploding has never tended to make me do before. More importantly, the absence of gravity (itself brilliantly shown) and its effects in removing the ideas of ‘up’ and ‘down’ are more convincingly rendered with the addition of a sense of depth.

The story: astronauts are fixing the Hubble Space Telescope when they are informed that Russian attempt to destroy one of their redundant spy satellites has set off a catastrophic chain reaction of exploded satellites and a shower of debris is headed towards them at supersonic speeds, with potentially devastating consequences. As the debris crashes around Hubble, Mission Specialist and space rookie Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) fails to get back to the shuttle and drifts away, until veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) rescues her and the two make their way back to the shuttle. Stone is running short of oxygen and Kowalski’s space walk thruster pack is ‘running on fumes’. Alone in space, with no communications with mission control (and later separated again from Kowalski), Stone has to work out how to stay alive and return to Earth.

Even though I had a pretty good idea where the film was heading and how it would end, a sense of dramatic tension was maintained, occasionally lightened by Kowalski’s calculated silliness. It is a tad gloomy though, and with a few moments of gore (amazingly, some parents had brought very young children to the cinema, rather ruining the film’s declaration of there being no sound in space!); yet it was still, just in terms of simple drama, a successful film, raised to another level by some fantastic special effects.

And the dodgy 3D glasses? My partner’s weren’t working, although she thought at first that the dark, green-tinted screen was deliberate and it was only as she realised that the 3D wasn’t rendering properly that it might be the glasses but, by that time, the film was properly underway and we were stuck right in the centre of a packed cinema. We were promised a refund but are still waiting…


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